Net Learning Center is for the curious of all ages and backgrounds. We are not a school. We are not a classroom. We are an online CENTER, where you can feed your hunger to learn with activities and ideas that engage, examine all sides of topics so you can start conversations, spark questions, inspire efforts to make vital changes. We search the web to seek, try out, and only then offer solid information you can grab onto and turn into action – through activities, games, exploring new worlds.

Everyone is welcome to make use of the content presented here, within any copyright limits for sites outside this one, and to give your feedback. If you have ideas for activities or courses you think would fit on our site, please join the organization and become a contributing member.

Active Projects

Our Home page highlights those projects and topics we consider to be compelling. These are the projects on which we have dedicated our energies and resources. Under a listing for an active project, you may find full web courses, readings on a subject, videos that explain, games that teach, links to activities. This can be activities of many sorts: things to make, experiments to perform, or even an “edu-taining” game that explores an “alien” world. Postings may also include progress reports and stories about participants.

Ideas from and active participation by members and volunteers will make them more successful. Sign up to help with or contribute to a specific project by indicating your interest on our Donate/Contact link.

Project Requests from members

We are collecting requests from members, and will report on them as we research and collect educational content that meets our criteria. We really do want YOU to be actively engaged in helping us here!

SEND us your ideas and links. JOIN Net Learning Center.

Listings of requested projects may include a brief starting point: a short article, an activity, an intriguing song or video that poses a burning question about a topic. Or it may just be a teaser title on a list. We are excited to see how this evolves!


About Net Learning Center

Net Learning Center began in 2013 to create a center for affordable online and creative live learning environments, fostering a variety of learning opportunities for all types of students. The Center’s team members have provided expertise in computer-based learning since the 1980s.

Mission and Philosophy

Net Learning Center has taken reliance on an instructor out of online course content we host. As in life, students are responsible for their own learning, not any teacher or school or organization. We encourage instructors to use the content we offer in their classroom, and to lead students in discussion and understanding, about topics we provide, but the student should be the driving force for learning any material they discover on this site.

Our goal is to use our experience in online learning methods and materials to aid you in selecting learning content that is accessible to all levels of knowledge and physical abilities, life experience, learning style.

Commitment and Purpose

Our purpose includes these current general objectives:

  1. Host an online center for educational projects and activities on compelling topics
  2. Ensure that educational materials are easy-to-use and accessible to all.
  3. Offer activities that are free and available at all times, without relying on instructor or schedule

Board and Staff

The Board is elected at the annual meeting. The Board of Directors currently consists of Patricia Adams, Rachelle Rake Soden and Michael Saccomano.

Executive Director – Patricia Adams: After careers in education and in computer systems and support, in 2003 Pat combined her expertise by refocusing on development and administration of online student learning systems. In 2014 she became the Executive Director of the Net Learning Center, charged with the task of developing and expanding the scope of its projects and services.

Advisors, Volunteers, Members

In order to reach out to groups who are not currently been served well in the online world, we rely on the dedication and hard work of volunteers. PLEASE get in touch if you have ideas, time money or other resources and would like to support our programs.

You must join the organization in order to have a voice in our activities. We don’t require a particular membership fee, because we believe that taking part is not about the amount of money you can donate. We value your interest, good intentions, honest efforts, expertise, and dedication.

Our new donation links allow people to donate any amount and to earmark it for a particular project if you wish. Choose a donation that you can afford. If you are can make a large charitable donation, you will earn our gratitude. If you can spare a lean $27, we will be glad to put it to use. If you have a lot of heart but no money, then give us your heart and we will welcome it. Everyone who joins and learns from our Center’s offerings can cause a ripple effect by sharing what you have taken from the lessons we offer.


If you are new to the idea of using online resources for your main source of learning about a subject, this section is for you.

eLearning FAQ