About NLC


Net Learning Center® assists agencies with hosting and accessing online and creative live learning environments, providing expertise in converting content from live curriculum to online delivery, and fostering a variety of learning opportunities by hosting free content for all types of students. Existing online courses can easily be brought to the Net Learning Center site.

Background and Philosophy

Net Learning Center® volunteers and staff come from all over the United States, from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic, as well as members in Mexico and Europe. We want our staff to reflect our desire to be citizens of the world, not just of a single country. Our backgrounds include education, arts and animation, government and charitable organizations dedicated to child welfare services, engineering innovators, financial management and technology pioneers. Our diverse group shares the common inspiration to create an online world, where we all spend more and more of our time, where learning and teaching are as easy and natural as they are in the face-to-face world.

Commitment and Purpose

Our purpose as a non-profit includes these objectives:

  1. Provide hosting, administrative services and support for the students, instructors and staff involved in online programs offered by small public benefit organizations.
  2. Improve the online education experience for students, instructors, and administrators by providing easy-to-use and low cost tools and technology.
  3. Ensure that valuable curriculum designed for live classes can be converted into effective online lessons by offering the services of an experienced curriculum designer.
  4. Offer an always-open free section of the campus where selected online course content is made available for and by students.
  5. Provide a library of reference links to public materials (including those offered under a creative commons license) from other innovative programs that can be incorporated into the Center’s offerings.

Board of Directors

The Board is elected at the annual meeting. For 2015-2016, the Board of Directors consists of Patricia Adams, Rachelle Rake and Michael Saccomano.

Staff, Partners and Volunteers

Our highly experienced staff and volunteers provide full support to set up courses and sessions, register your students and verify eligibility, and support everyone involved with usage and technical issues. You will be able to provide a very cost-effective training program, with all the learning management and performance measurement tools required to be fully accountable for student outcomes.

Executive Director

    Patricia Adams: After careers in education and in computer systems and support, in 2003 Pat combined her expertise by refocusing on development and administration of online student learning systems. In 2014 she became the Executive Director of the Net Learning Center and was charged with the task of expanding the scope of services to reach more teachers and student groups.

Curriculum Director

    Rachelle Rake: Rachelle is a member of the board of directors. She is responsible for the Curriculum Conversion Program (CCP) as well as for contributing course information and content for the Free Class Center. She has specialized in creating and converting course material in a variety of subject areas for over 15 years.

Programs and Affiliates

STEP Program

    Created by former staff and members of the Gifted Children’s Association of San Fernando Valley, the Star Thinkers Enrichment program began as live summer classes for creative children and is currently evolving to include online experiences.

Social Art Haus

    This art enrichment program is run by three very talented members of the Wilson family. Mother and chief inspiration is Kika, an award winning elementary school art professional. She has brought out incredible creativity in children of all ages in Los Angeles and Las Virgines schools for nearly 20 years.
    Daughter Sharmaine is a graduate of Parsons The New School for Design and Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic. She has worked as a fashion designer and also has 7 years experience teaching art in New York and California. Daughter Shalymar, a UCLA graduate, has over 5 years of teaching children of all ages and abilities to enhance their social skills and self-confidence.
    Currently focusing on their live program, while designing supplementary online lessons, the Social Art Haus team is available to consult on incorporating art in your online courses and projects.

The Accessibility Team (A-Team) Project

    The A-Team is a center for tools and ideas which make access to the online and everyday worlds easier and more fun for all. Plans include a data center for finding resources, videos and stories to engage and teach about the physical challenges in our world, and a set of games that make it fun to learn and practice use of alternative access devices. Primordial Muse, who developed and host our web site, is working with an advisory group to develop fun games that are as versatile and inclusive as they are challenging.

Advisors and Volunteers

    In order to reach out to groups who are not currently been served well in the online world, we rely on the dedication and hard work of volunteers. Please get in touch if you have ideas, time or even money and would like to support our programs.