How Do I Know if Online Learning Is For Me?
Read through the following list of questions. Answer with a “True” or “False” response.

  1. I own a computer (or mobile device like an iPad or web enabled cell phone), or I know where I can use one for several sessions.
  2. I know how to use an internet browser and how to log on to web sites that require a password.
  3. I use email regularly, or at least I have sent emails before, and I have my own email address and know what it is.
  4. I know how to send email attachments and how to copy and paste text.
  5. I do not consider the computer to be a form of torture.
  6. I am not considering an online course because I think it will be easier.
Scheduling Challenges
  1. I like the idea of learning at my convenience and setting my own learning schedule.
  2. I have missed out on classes in the past because it didn’t fit into my schedule.
Work style
  1. I do not find typing out my ideas to be frustrating. I enjoy it.
  2. Writing can sometimes help to organize my thoughts better than when I talk.
  3. I enjoy reading.
  4. I enjoy exploring new things and trying different means of learning.
  5. I ask questions if something is confusing to me or if I need additional help or clarification.
  6. I enjoy working independently and don’t normally put things off to the last minute.
  7. Often, after I’ve just left a meeting or a class or a discussion, I think of just the thing I should have said at some critical juncture. By then, of course, it’s too late!
Interaction Preferences
  1. I like the idea of having conversations in a written format where I can study, think about, and even print for future reference.
  2. I enjoy knowing other people’s view points on different issues.
  3. I enjoy receiving feedback from an instructor.
  4. I’m excited about possibly having class with people from all over.
  5. I like the idea of going to class in my fuzzy slippers and not worrying about other people seeing what I look like.

Scoring: If you answered more “True” than “False” then you are a prime candidate to sign up for an online course! Hope to “see” you soon!

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