Net Learning Center can set up any kind of online class you want, route your students to the class they need, handle registration, report on participation and completion, and issue certificates. For classes that take place solely online, the two main types are Instructor-led and Self-paced.

What is an instructor-led course? Just like a traditional course, your online course has an instructor. He or she is thoroughly familiar with the curriculum, conducts the class, gives the assignments, answers questions, and leads discussions.

What is a self-paced course? Self-paced courses allow you to work on your own in a non-classroom setting. There are no instructors and most courses do not have a start and end date. Think of this type of course as watching or listening to a movie or visual presentation to get up-do-date information on a particular topic. There may be pre- and post-tests and even activities within course sections with self-paced courses in order to monitor that the learning results were achieved.

How about Hybrid courses and services for live classes?
Hybrid classes: These classes are combinations of online elements with live activities. We can store and print documents needed for the live elements of training, evaluation or interview sessions. A hybrid delivery method is sometimes called “Blended” learning.

On-site support: Although we strive to focus on online training, there are times when a group needs to begin with face-to-face sessions before they can contemplate taking their course online to broaden availability. We have the expertise to guide you through the process of setting up a live training program, and can advise you on planning for future online delivery as well as ensuring that the class is completely accessible for all learners.

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