Online Classrooms have many advantages
Online courses offer unlimited geographic access available anytime of the day or night. Our school environment allows you to attend your class and do your homework from ANY device that allows you to get online. No transportation is needed. No parking to find, no long walks to your classroom, and no standing in line at the library to check out materials. The only thing missing is the coffee and late-night philosophical discussions. But you can arrange that with fellow students if you wish.

How do Online Courses Work?
You choose when and where you participate in a class – it’s entirely up to your own schedule. Your course has a schedule, often with a recommended calendar for assignments, but there are no scheduled times that you must attend a “live” classes (unless your online course is offered in conjunction with a face-to-face – but most aren’t). Instead, lectures, coursework, and discussions all take place at your convenience. You choose the place that you wish to learn – at home, at school, at the library, at a friend’s – where ever you have access to the Internet. You’ll receive the same high-quality instruction and course content that you deserve, but without the obstacles that get in the way of attending or concentrating during live training.

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