Greta Thunberg has likened her Asperger syndrome to a ‘superpower’

— some Fortune 500 employers appear to agree

‘We need people who think outside the box and who aren’t like everyone else,’ the 16-year-old Swedish teenager said

Greta Thunberg has called her Asperger syndrome a ‘superpower.’

Greta Thunberg is facing attacks over her Asperger’s, but companies are keen to hire people on the autism spectrum.

Thunberg, 16, delivered a withering speech on climate change before the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, shaming world leaders for failing to take action. “How dare you,” she said. “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.”

The teen, who has spoken openly about her Asperger’s diagnosis, faced some mockery and personal attacks in response to her speech. One Fox News guest called her “a mentally ill Swedish child,” prompting the network to apologize to Thunberg and denounce the remark as “disgraceful.”

In a recent interview with “CBS This Morning,” Thunberg said that bluntly speaking truth to power and shaming “those who need shaming” had helped drive home her climate-change message. Another asset, she said, was her neurological diagnosis. “I have Asperger’s, I’m on the autism spectrum, so I don’t really care about social codes that way,” she said.

She spoke to the perks of neurodiversity, or the idea that neurological differences are human variations rather than diseases to be cured. “That makes you different; that makes you think differently,” Thunberg said. “Especially in such a big crisis like this one, we need to think outside the box, we need to think outside our current system, we need people who think outside the box and who aren’t like everyone else.”

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