Listing Climate Solutions

Seven Point Outline for Saving the Planet – Reddit

Reddit generated a lot of discussion over the past two weeks on this topic in a thread that began with a frustrated user asking “How do we save this f***ing planet?” Anonymous user “m4ybe” posted a detailed, seven-point response that caught fire. Even though we are not necessarily in agreement with some priorities and details, the list at least has a battle plan of actions we individually and together can take to keep our planet alive.

  • Completely overhaul agriculture
  • Eliminate non-recyclable single-use packaging or product
  • Seriously address energy production
  • Close any waste loops
  • Utilize known and effective alternative building materials
  • Change protein choices, increase sustainable protein production
  • Subsidize and incentivize birth control

Links to brief details of listed items, followed by link to a longer discussion. The original full Reddit conversation is available even though the original comment seems to have been deleted. The solution discussion at “Good” contains that link.

Details of items on the above list

“Good” article that discusses the solutions listed