Learn about living a Kintsugi life.

Living a kintsugi life means acknowledging the existence of the break, and making a mend that highlights the wholeness rather than attempting to cover up the break.

We humans tend to make our wounds into part of our identity. Even when we see ourselves as survivors, that role still defines us by the wound. A kintsugi repair becomes an interesting pattern within an identity that is whole, not the glue holding together something that was broken.

“No matter how profoundly and deeply the broken places in our lives change us, part of healing is learning to move past a definition of ourselves that limits us to that broken place. At some point, it has to involve setting ourselves free from that limiting definitons so we can move forward with our golden gifts of healing into a life that is larger than that experience.”

– Kenetha J. Stanton

Wounded warrior

You are not your wounds Posted by Kenetha Stanton on July 24, 2019


Some of the newest mobility tools have the artistic look of kintsugi repairs. If you find examples of adaptive tools you think are beautiful, send them and we will post.

– Pat Adams