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How can we prepare for and survive something that looms so dangerously over our heads? While other subjects are very important, they are like sand castles compared to the tsunami on the horizon.

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Our climate change educational section is where we highlight crises, find problem solvers, collect and offer their teachings.

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Kintsugi is a Japanese art of making repairs that add beauty and function for something that is not working as desired. Whether you “fix” a creation so that it works for more people or “fix” an individual person so they can use the creation, something is considered broken.


Kintsugi bowl before and after


Kintsugi repairs are treated as part of the history and artistry of the item, and often make it better or more valuable in the process. Instead of trying to hide the repair, celebrate it as a feature.


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Markerboard Jungle: Frogs

Learn how one of the smallest (and cutest) creatures, The Frog, survives. Live life as a tiny frog and learn about its friends and the dangers it faces.