Campus information

The Net Learning Center’s VIRTUAL Campus includes all the typical facilities and services of a live school. This guide will help you find your way to the right services.

  1. Admin Building houses the principal’s office, school secretary, dean of students, advisors.
  2. Maintenance Shed is where instructors will find janitorial, paints, brooms, books, furnishings.
  3. Classrooms house individual courses offered by various agencies. Some of the classes are open only to agency members and invitees, some are shared with the public.
    • One public course is the Secrets of Supervision Online Course (SOS).
  4. The Workshop area houses accessible computing resources and tools:
    • This area is the home of (TAP) – The Access Project.
  5. Playground is where you will find activity-oriented programs:
    • (STEP) – Star Thinkers Enrichment Programs.
    • (SAH) – Social Art Haus, our art enrichment program partners, offer creative art lessons for all ages.
  6. Park area is right next to the playground and includes the dog park:
    • (PFP) – Pet Fostering Program.
  7. The Teacher’s Lounge houses support resources for instructors.
  8. Student Center is the home of help and support for enrolled and potential students.
  9. The Free Class Center (FCC) is where we find and share the best in free online classes for subjects found nowhere else.