School Services

Net Learning Center’s service includes:

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Course and Instructor Support


The Net Learning Center® was designed with universally accessible online delivery in mind, to provide a cost-effective, secure solution for students and staff. Leave student services, classroom care and application delivery to us.

  • Publish accessible multimedia content audio and video illustrations
  • Monitor completion expectations, course evaluations
  • Support facilitators
  • Assist content developers
  • Automate email reminders to students and instructors
  • Daily backup of course content and activity

School Administration

School Administration

Administrative functions


A unique Net Learning Center® hosting solution eliminates overhead costs. Offer just one or a few online classes without staffing inhouse technology and administrative services. Leave necessary services such as enrollment, fee payment and attendance monitoring to our expert staff.

  • Maintain curriculum
  • Automate and manage enrollment steps, collecting all required registrant information
  • Track training record information, hours completed and test results
  • Nightly backup of course and student data
  • No capital expenditure required
  • No IT staff to hire

Student Resources

Student Resources

Student enrollment and support


Net Learning Center® appeals to students via visual, text, and social interaction to amplify learning. Easy to follow menus give quick access to frequently used features and content. Sign on and learn via any web-enabled device – whether wired desktop, wireless laptop or mobile device.

  • Guide student with menu for easy access to every classroom component
  • Allow for discussion and group projects in private class forums
  • Enable student to choose a personal learning path while tracking and displaying progress
  • House references and links to associated materials in central library
  • Manage student login and password verification
  • Monitor and log test responses and scoring
Curriculum Conversion

Curriculum Conversion

Course Content Assistance


Classes offered successfully in other media, whether live, telecon, webcast, written or even facebook can be enhanced by conversion into a true online classroom. We can convert your syllabus and materials for use online. Just provide the digital media. If you need photo or video content, we can do that too. Let’s create!

  • Convert Content: Revamping an existing written curriculum from an established “live” presentation to online format typically takes 30-60 hours for lesson redesign, plus about the same amount of time for the technical steps to bring the course online and have it ready and available for the instructor’s review.
  • Create Activities: This is an essential step to measure outcomes and should be planned in tandem with the course content preparation. Our services can include designing and setting up a variety of participatory activities and assessment of learning. Testing and activities can be simple classic T/F, multiple choice, essay, or game-like active engagement, or collaborations using social media or forum discussions.
  • Layout and Post Course Pages: Combine content and graphics into lesson outline structure. Incorporate activities at planned measurement points. Add interactive and discussion sessions.Add links to outside resources.
  • Project Management: Meet via conference call with the project development team to ensure that all vital project roles are assigned and that all steps are completed to meet established deadlines.
  • Content Updates: Revise content text, add or remove lessons, and provide necessary updates for a continued dynamic learning requirement.