The Park Area

The Park area is right next to the playground and includes the Dog (and Cat) Park. Here you will find our project being developed to help with fostering and adopting animal children! Expect to be able to take the class in Fall 2016.

  • (PFP) – Pet Fostering Program: This project is based on the belief that animals are furry children.
      • The course on fostering and adopting a pet uses materials and concepts developed and used nation-wide for fostering children.
      • Tips and self-assessment guides for potential foster parents are included.
      • Intake and screening tools are available for agencies.
      • Take a look at the class here: Fostering Animal Children

    *This program was designed using materials and concepts from the “Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting” (MAPP) program. The MAPP curriculum is owned by the National MAPP Network of the Children’s Alliance Resource Network.