Mission and Philosophy

Net Learning Center® provides expertise in creatiing and accessing online and innovative live learning environments, fostering a variety of learning opportunities for all types of students. NLC’s diverse group shares the common inspiration to make participating in the online world, where we all spend more and more time, easy and natural for everyone, no matter their abilities. Our goal is to be a resource for technology, classes and activities that everyone can enjoy fully.


The Net Learning Center team has been involved in computer-based learning since the 1980s, logging thousands of hours assisting adults in a variety of learning activities. We have been a technology partner for many agencies who provide specialized training, guiding them in developing online programs. Net Learning Center® volunteers and staff come from all over. Our backgrounds include education, arts and animation, government and charitable organizations, caregiving and child welfare services, engineering innovators, and technology pioneers.

Commitment and Purpose

Our purpose includes these general objectives:

  1. Provide services and support for everyone involved in online educational projects and activities.
  2. Improve the online experience for everyone by providing easy-to-use and low cost tools and technology.
  3. Ensure that valuable projects designed for live settings can be converted and used effectively in an online setting through the services of experienced content designers.
  4. Offer an always-open free section of the online campus where selected activities can be made available for and by members.
  5. Provide a library of reference links to tools and materials (including those offered under a creative commons license) from innovative programs which support our mission and goals.

Board of Directors

The Board is elected at the annual meeting. The Board of Directors currently consists of Patricia Adams, Rachelle Rake and Michael Saccomano.

Staff, Partners and Volunteers

Executive Director – Patricia Adams: After careers in education and in computer systems and support, in 2003 Pat combined her expertise by refocusing on development and administration of online student learning systems. In 2014 she became the Executive Director of the Net Learning Center, charged with the task of developing and expanding the scope of its projects and services.

Advisors and Volunteers

    In order to reach out to groups who are not currently been served well in the online world, we rely on the dedication and hard work of volunteers. PLEASE get in touch if you have ideas, time or even money and would like to support our programs.