Projects / Courses

The Net Learning Center’s VIRTUAL Campus includes all the typical facilities and services of a live school. This guide will help you find your way to the right services.

  1. The Workshop area houses accessible computing resources and tools:

    • This area is the home of (TAP) – The Access Project: TAP is a pilot project to provide custom hardware and software pieces to enable access and control of computer equipment for adults who have accessibility needs not met by current resources.

    • The Accessibility Team (A-Team) Project: The A-Team advisory group hosts a center for tools and ideas which make access to the online and everyday worlds easier and more fun for all.
  1. The Playground is where you will find activity-oriented programs:

    • (SAH) – Social Art Haus. This art enrichment program is headed by Sharmaine Wilson, graduate of Parsons School of Design and Altos de Chavon, and now a teacher of art to young students. Currently a live program, the Social Art Haus team is available to consult on use of art in your online courses.

    • (STEP) – Star Thinkers Enrichment Programs. Created by former staff and members of the Gifted Children’s Association of San Fernando Valley, STEP is currently seeking volunteers interested in developing online experiences for creative children of all ability levels.

    • TAP’s Game project may be seen here … and at the TAP Workshop page too. Very very soon.

  1. The Park area is right next to the playground and includes the dog park:

    • (PFP) – Pet Fostering Mini-course.

  1. The Free Class Center (FCC) is where we find and share the best in free online classes for subjects found nowhere else.