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The Access Project: 2018 Priority Project of the Net Learning Center

About TAP

TAP is a pilot project to provide custom hardware and software pieces to enable access and control of computer equipment for adults who have accessibility needs not met by current resources.

There are many innovative tools developed by groups and companies large and small. TAP will provide a data center for links to tools that make access to the online and everyday worlds easier and more fun for all.

The Accessibility Team (A-Team) advisory group is being assembled to create NLC’s center, to find and post videos and stories to engage and teach about the physical challenges in our world, and to select games that make practicing use of custom devices exciting and fun. The A-Team will advise on equipment and on new games that are as versatile and inclusive as they are challenging.

    • Tools for access to the online world.
    • Education for using the custom tools.
    • Accessible games and activities. Examples:
      1. “One click” 100 % accessible games
      2. Classes for caregivers for accessible computing online
      3. Hints and tips for coping with limits

About Net Learning Center ®

Net Learning Center ® provides expertise in online and creative live learning environments, converting content from live curriculum to online delivery, and fostering a variety of learning opportunities for all types of students.

The Net Learning Center team has been involved in computer-based learning since the 1980s, logging thousands of hours assisting adults in a variety of learning activities. We have been a technology partner for many agencies who provide specialized training, guiding them in developing online programs.

NLC’s diverse group shares the common inspiration to create an online world, where learning and teaching are easy and natural for everyone, no matter their abilities.