Net Learning CenterĀ® is an online service center that combines popular online learning media techniques with an easy-to-use course registration system, adding hosting, curriculum, admin and support services that enable instructors to focus on working with their classes. As a non-profit ourselves, NLC can offer services to other nonprofits and service agencies at the lowest possible cost. We facilitate a variety of learning opportunities, both online and in live settings.

Everything for your online curriculum: Hosting, Support, Content help

Anyone who wants to use online media for educating others is encouraged to bring your ideas to us. We can work with you to create a single class or a comprehensive program. We can take care of your registration, route your students to the right class, help them navigate lessons, keep tabs on achievement, deliver results and certificates to students, and provide completion statistics to the educator. Key benefits for you:


  • Offer online training at a very low cost. When budget does not allow for a full-time staff and in-house hosting, we can do it for you. Accountability and outcome reporting for grant-makers or advisory boards is built in to every course.
  • Get course curriculum online fast: Our online training experts guide the process from concept to pilot presentation including lesson planning, activities and assessments, resources, multimedia (animation, audio or video), and project management for your assembled development team.
  • Offer a free class through our Free Class Center, rent a virtual classroom to hold your private course, or reserve a virtual building for a larger program. Our staff will handle all the details.

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